I was following rails tutorial on how to use CRUD but this tutorial was using Rails 3. But because Rails 4 dropped the attr_accessible method I can't get my database to work. I am trying to create a simple blog post with a database that has a :title and content field, how would I implement this in the

Class Post < ActiveRecord::Base file

Side question: Do you recommend any good tutorials where they create an app using rails (like a blog etc) I can follow.

Thanks you


In Rails 4 you typically permit parameters at the controller level rather than defining access control at the model level.

  def create
    @user = user.create user_params


  def user_params

I recommend reading Michael Hartl's Rails Tutorial. It's free to read online, or worth every penny for the printed version.

  • When you say I should permit parameters at the controller level should I still be in class Post < ActiveRecord::Base? Sorry for the stupid questions I'm new to rails – user2047296 Jan 22 '15 at 16:12

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