Under visual studio if you run a web project by pressing the Go button on the Debugging toolbar, then stop it by pressing the Stop button on the debugging toolbar, Internet Explorer is opened and closed by the IDE.

Is there a way to prevent the IDE from closing Internet Explorer when stopping debugging? I want to do this to allow myself to refer to the content of the pages in IE while editing my code.

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I find that running it once without debugging is the way to go. First time, hit CTRL + F5 (starts web without debugging). This opens your browser and starts the web server for you.

Later on, you could debug and it'll use your same browser window, but hitting stop won't cause the window to close.


Use the Detach All option from the Debug menu.

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    Is this option available in Visual Studio 2008?
    – John M
    Dec 2, 2009 at 19:35

This is the way I do it: Get the URL for your project, you may have to run it once to get the port number and to start up the webserver (if you are using the built in one).

Then open a browser session, and put your URL in.

IF you want/need to debug, then just do an attach to process under the debug menu, I have setup a shortcut/macro to do this step for me.

  • On task bar the web server also could be seen when debug stopped. Right click it and click to "Open in Web Browser".
    – Ali Ersöz
    Nov 11, 2008 at 14:51

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