I am trying to build a tuple by reading from a buffer. Here is my code:

template<class T>
T read_from_stream(char *& stream)
    T value;
    memcpy(&value, stream, sizeof(T));
    stream += sizeof(T);
    return value;

template <typename ... Args>
tuple<Args...> parse(char * buffer)
    return tuple<Args...>{read_from_stream<Args>(buffer)...};

and I use it like

auto tup = parse<float, int, char>(buf);

Now suppose the added data in buffer is in sequence float, int, char... the read_from_stream gets called in the reverse order i.e for char first then for int and then for float. I am having to specify the function template parameter types in the reverse order (parse) to read the data correctly. I want the order to be preserved. What am I doing wrong?

I am using vs2013(update 4) by the way


This looks like a bug in your compiler, actually. The standard mandates that during list initialisation, elements of an initialiser list be evaluated strictly in the order they appear. Quoting C++11 8.5.4/4:

Within the initializer-list of a braced-init-list, the initializer-clauses, including any that result from pack expansions (14.5.3), are evaluated in the order in which they appear. That is, every value computation and side effect associated with a given initializer-clause is sequenced before every value computation and side effect associated with any initializer-clause that follows it in the comma-separated list of the initializer-list. [ Note: This evaluation ordering holds regardless of the semantics of the initialization; for example, it applies when the elements of the initializer-list are interpreted as arguments of a constructor call, even though ordinarily there are no sequencing constraints on the arguments of a call. —end note ]

(Emphasis mine)

And indeed, using GCC, your code works just fine.

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