I installed Erlang on my Mac (OS X) and my Ubuntu 14.04 pc. Trying to create a map works on the Mac but the exact same code yields an error on my Ubuntu pc. I have tried it on one other computer and it worked there as well. This is the code:

Map = #{"hi" => 42} .

It's the sample code from here. On my Ubuntu install it says syntax error before {.

Could it be some kind of problem with my version of Erlang? I installed it from aptitude. When I start it, it says "Eshell V5.10.4".

It is the same if I write the code in a file and try to compile it from the shell.


Your Erlang installation is too old. 5.10.4 was the version number of the emulator released in R16B03, while maps were introduced in 17.0.

If you need up-to-date Erlang packages for Ubuntu, you can find them here. Either add the repository as described at that page, or scroll down to download packages manually. (Full disclosure: provided by my employer)

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