I'm new to Laravel and PHP in general, and I'm trying to clear my errorLog. The current errorlog that I'm using is Laravel's laravel.log file that is in /app/storage/logs.

Is there an easy way to clear the laravel.log file? Is it safe to delete it and it'll rebuild when needed?

I'm using the latest version of Ubuntu. Thanks!


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Echoing an empty string to it would work, like this :

echo "" > storage/logs/laravel.log

The most efficient would be to truncate it to a size of zero :

truncate -s 0 /app/storage/logs/laravel.log
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    Depending on your OS you might have to use ./ and not just a / for the current directory truncate -s 0 ./storage/logs/laravel.log – mtpultz Apr 2 '18 at 18:09

Here's a reusable artisan command that will save you time and effort :)

Artisan::command('logs:clear', function() {
    exec('rm -f ' . storage_path('logs/*.log'));

    exec('rm -f ' . base_path('*.log'));
    $this->comment('Logs have been cleared!');
})->describe('Clear log files');

Drop this in routes/console.php then just run php artisan logs:clear


  • Added base_path('*.log') for npm, composer etc logs in root directory.
  • Added -f to rm function to suppress the No such file or directory message.

Easiest way for me is using vim.

$ vim laravel.log

Then type ggdG

Then :wq save and quit.

Notes: gg - moves cursor to first line

d - delete

G - to the end of the file

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    Thanks for not just giving the solution, but explaining the arguments. You may have a bright future on StackOverflow! :) – NickSentowski Jul 19 '18 at 15:28

Simply just add this line where you want to clear the log. file_put_contents(storage_path('logs/laravel.log'),'');


You can also create custom artisan command.

First, run command php artisan make:command Log/ClearLogFile to create custom command file.

Then, open file on Console/Commands/Log/ClearLogFile.php (depends on you Laravel version, currently I'm using 5.5 version)

After that, you need to define the custom command code, take a look

// Define command name
protected $signature = 'log:clear';

// Add description to your command
protected $description = 'Clear Laravel log';

// Create your own custom command
public function handle(){
    exec('echo "" > ' . storage_path('logs/laravel.log'));
    $this->info('Logs have been cleared');

Then, you only need to run just like other php artisan command,

php artisan log:clear

Thanks, for @emotality answer


This worked for me :

echo "" > storage/logs/laravel.log

From your Laravel directory:

rm storage/logs/laravel-*.log
  • we can't simply delete the file, other services might be using those logs and deleting the file might cause issues – NxKai May 7 '19 at 2:38

I found this solution works well for windows

Artisan::command('logs:clear', function() {
   array_map('unlink', array_filter((array) glob(storage_path('logs/*.log'))));
   $this->comment('Logs have been cleared!');
})->describe('Clear log files');

Run php artisan logs:clear


For Laravel 5, it would be

truncate -s 0 storage/logs/laravel.log

You can also do: : > storage/logs/laravel.log

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I usually stick the following line in my controller method when I am running the SQL query listener:

exec("truncate -s 0 " . storage_path('/logs/laravel.log'));

If you use a different monolog channel setup you might want to tweak the name of your log file.


There is very easy way to clear log with php artisan log:clear command using Laravel More Command Package.

First Install Laravel More Command

composer require theanik/laravel-more-command --dev

Then Run

php artisan log:clear

The above will deleted all old log data from /storage/logs/ directory.

Thank you.

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