Is there a possibility use "data types" in php?
I have class Page, it has variables (I use public, I don't need private in my case, there is no security risk, etc.). I create some Objects of my class add them to array, then I go trought them by foreach and I wanna use iterated object in foreach like my Page object. So I wanna let know my ide (PhpStorm) know that the object from array is type of Page, so he can whisper me his variables.
In Java I would do something like this (Page) myObject. Than the ide know "Juhuu programmer say, that myObject should be type of Page, so I let him to work him like with Page object not just like some general object"
Code bellow should explain more my problem:

I know that I can write inside foreach page->$url; and it will works. But how the hell I should remember all names of variables. More likely I don't want to remember them or have to find them, I want them whispered.

class Page {
   public $url;
   public $array_of_titles;
   function __construct($url,$tit) {
     $this->url = $url;
     $this->array_of_titles = $tit;
$array_of_pages = array();
$url = "http://..."
$tit = {"aaa", "bbb", "ccc"}
$page = new Page($url, $tit);
$array_of_pages[] = $page;
//... add more pages to the array
foreach($array_of_pages as $page) {
   $my_url = $page->url; //this words but don't whisper obviously
   //because in $page could by any object
   //$my_url = (Page)$page->url; //this I would do in java to say 
   //"Hey $page is typeof Page man, I wanna whisper its methods"

Use the @var annotation like so:

foreach($allPages as $page)
    * @var PageType $page 

The @var takes the class type and the variable it applies to, you can also dictate that an array is an array of classes using MyObjectType[] at the declaration in the class or the instantiation (iirc).

Also, using private and protected instead of public is more about good programming design than security and I recommend you read about it, as well as Polymorphism and inheritance.

  • In PHPStorm specifically it doesn't matter which way around you place the data type and variable. PHP and it's tools can be a strange bunch some times. I'm still yearning for fully strict type hinting (not just objects) in PHP – Everon Jan 26 '15 at 0:12
  • thanks Everon, that's nice to know... And in regard to your strict type hinting... Please bite the bullet and use C# instead. I insist. – Jimmyt1988 Jan 26 '15 at 0:13
  • The notation is /* @var $variable Type */ in Netbeans - Odd considering all language notation is Type variable but oh well.. that's Javadoc for you – Jimmyt1988 Jan 26 '15 at 0:14
  • Ahaha, I've considered it at times believe me. C# is lovely to work with when I need it for desktop apps but beyond that I'll stick with PHP :) – Everon Jan 26 '15 at 0:14
  • 1
    But what if you needed to add functionality that was coupled with retrieving and/or setting the data held by the class object? You would have to rewrite multiple parts of your application. Save yourself the work, think ahead (imo). – Everon Jan 26 '15 at 0:39

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