I have created a MVC 5 application, and I'm able to authenticate the user using Google External login which is an out of box feature. I have observed that by authenticating the user using google account, UserName and Email are stored in database with the same value(i.e., Email for both of them). How do i retreive FirstName, LastName, from the registered google account.


You can get this inside the ExternalLoginCallback method in AccountController (as you are using out of the box project template) as explained below.

    public async Task<ActionResult> ExternalLoginCallback(string returnUrl)
        var loginInfo = await AuthenticationManager.GetExternalLoginInfoAsync();
        if (loginInfo == null)
            return RedirectToAction("Login");

        if (loginInfo.Login.LoginProvider == "Google")
                var externalIdentity = AuthenticationManager.GetExternalIdentityAsync(DefaultAuthenticationTypes.ExternalCookie);
                var emailClaim = externalIdentity.Result.Claims.FirstOrDefault(c => c.Type == ClaimTypes.Email);
                var lastNameClaim = externalIdentity.Result.Claims.FirstOrDefault(c => c.Type == ClaimTypes.Surname);
                var givenNameClaim = externalIdentity.Result.Claims.FirstOrDefault(c => c.Type == ClaimTypes.GivenName);

                var email = emailClaim.Value;
                var firstName = givenNameClaim.Value;
                var lastname = lastNameClaim.Value;


Hope this helps.

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    I think this is worth to mention that this method is located in Controllers\AccountController.cs – codea Oct 31 '15 at 14:33
  • @DSR Thanks a lot, very easy to integrate – Arun Prasad E S Oct 21 '17 at 17:27
  • I got here via searching not using MVC, but Microsoft Asp.Net Forms Identity Example Site .. the code is in "RegisterExternalLogin.aspx.cs" Replace collection reference in above code to var externalIdentity = Context.GetOwinContext().Authentication.GetExternalIdentityAsync(DefaultAuthenticationTypes.ExternalCookie); to access the collection. – moto_geek Dec 10 '17 at 19:14

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