I added one repo as subtree, when I run git pull -s subtree projectB master, everything is as expected, but get fatal when switch to rebase merge with git pull --rebase -s subtree projectB master. Log:

First, rewinding head to replay your work on top of it...
fatal: Could not parse object 'd2c2b2d5548fab404e1fccfa1fc22da3d5a6151c^'
Unknown exit code (128) from command: git-merge-subtree d2c2b2d5548fab404e1fccfa1fc22da3d5a6151c^ -- HEAD d2c2b2d5548fab404e1fccfa1fc22da3d5a6151c

Any ideas?


[edit] I believe subtree depends on the tree hash remaining the same to maintain the path and rebase doesn't.

I've run into this using subtree. If your configs have rebase=true such as branch.master.rebase=true and pull.rebase=true it will defeat the subtree.

It seems there was a documentation recommendation that never got merged (this looks like a howto page you may be using)...

In my case a quick git config pull.rebase false did the trick. Tweaking git config branch.master.rebase false should help that repo sync.

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