I create a new Azure Redis Cache, which take almost 5 minutes to finish creating. I'm using the node-redis package, here's my code

var client = redis.createClient(
  process.env.REDIS_PORT || 6379,
  process.env.REDIS_HOST || ''
if(process.env.REDIS_HOST) {

Yes those environment variables are properly set, it just hang on for a while and raise an error: Redis connection to mycache.redis.cache.windows.net:6380 failed - read ECONNRESET.

Now, when I use the redis-cli to try to connect with redis-cli -h myhost -p 6380 -a the-auth-key it just hang at the command line and no connection seems to be established, but no error either. It's just doing nothing. If I change the port etc, I get connection error. So I'm currently wondering what I'm doing wrong?

I've created another redis cache on a different region an plan (I took the biggest, with 99.9 SLA etc). Still, no connection is possible.

Any help would be appreciated.


New caches only have the SSL endpoint (port 6380) enabled by default. Some clients (like redis-cli) do not support SSL. You would need to check if node-redis supports SSL. You will get erorrs if you try to connect to the SSL port with a client that doesn't support SSL.

If you need to use a client does not support SSL, there are two options. One is to create an SSL tunnel between the local machine and the Redis cache, using an application like 'stunnel'. I know stunnel works well for ad-hoc scenarios like redis-cli, but I'm not sure how it would perform under production load.

The second option is to enable the non-SSL endpoint (port 6379) in the Azure portal. However, we don't recommend this for production caches since your access key and data will all be sent in plaintext.

  • That was in fact the issue, the package does not currently support SSL as I understand it. Switched to option #2 until I have a better option. Thanks – Dominic St-Pierre Jan 28 '15 at 10:56

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