I am trying to use Federated authentication on Azure. I found a example of having a local sts outside azure which is used for authentication from a web role hosted in azure. This works perfectly.

My issue is, i dont want to have an application outside azure. Instead, I want to host the local sts website also in azure. So in effect I will have two web roles (1. my actual website, 2. the sts).

I tried the above approach my creating a new webrole and moving the files from my original sts project. But i am getting compilation errors even if I reference the required dlls. I have also set "copy local" to true.

It will be very helpful if somebody can guide me..


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    I solved it..The initial local sts was a website and the web role is a web application. Designer files were not available for the pages when I copied from it. So I removed and added all the pages to do this. Thanks – joe May 12 '10 at 12:03
  • I'll tell you a little story. My boss and I attended an MS presentation about Windows Azure. The presentation was hosted at a big movie theatre and we about half-filled the auditorium. One of the presenters asked "How many of you are familiar with the difference betweeen a web site and a web application." Only the two of us raised our hands. You have job security :-) – Daniel Allen Langdon May 12 '10 at 16:16

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