I'm desperate! I have a deadline and I can not post! Please someone help me enter image description here


According to Joe Regan from possible duplicate post:

  1. Xcode Preferences
  2. Accounts tab
  3. Select your Apple ID
  4. Hit the View Details button in the Apple ID detail panel
  5. Hit the Refresh button in the lower left corner

This post from the iOS Developer Library may also help you:

Setting up Xcode to automatically manage your provisioning profiles.

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    I follow your guide, but now I have this error: "iTunes store operation failed: “Error Description not available” – Pinturikkio Jan 27 '15 at 9:02
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    is absurd ! I'm losing a lot of time behind this thing – Pinturikkio Jan 27 '15 at 9:04

I have also faced this issue when i try to make ipa file for App Store. - only you have to check whether "Any iOS SDK" is selected or "Any OS X SDK" is selected in Build settings?

If you have selected "Any iOS SDK" then it will always shows this error message again and again in new XCode. So, go to your app->Target->Code Siging-> and remove "Any iOS SDK" and select "Any OS X SDK".

follow same process for Project section also. Now, clean and rebuild your project. It will be done.

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