I want to change the placeholder text color of a combobox in windows store app ( XAML / C# )

Here's the code behind:

List<string> orderType = new List<string>();
ComboBox orderTypeComboBox = new ComboBox();
orderTypeComboBox.ItemsSource = orderType;
orderTypeComboBox.Header = "Order Type";
orderTypeComboBox.PlaceholderText = "Choose Order Type";
orderTypeComboBox.SelectionChanged += orderTypeComboBox_SelectionChanged;

The placeholder text default color is black, I want it white.

Here's what I tried (globally) but it failed:

            <ResourceDictionary x:Key="Default">
                <SolidColorBrush x:Key="ComboBoxPlaceholderTextThemeBrush" Color="White" />

And I couldn't locate "generic.xaml" file to search for the right key for the "SolidColorBrush"

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What you need to change to affect the Placeholder's color is the SystemControlPageTextBaseHighBrush property:

<SolidColorBrush x:Key="SystemControlPageTextBaseHighBrush" Color="Green" />

Warning: Unfortunately this does not only effect your ComboBox but also many other controls. The clean way is creating a custom ComboBox style with a modified foreground color for the Placeholder element.

If you need help with creating a new style, please take a look at this code, where you can copy the modified style, if you want.

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