I am involved in designing a asp.net webforms application using .NET 3.5. I have a requirement where we need to log exceptions.

What is the best approach for exception handling, given that there would be concurrent users for this application?

Is there a need or possibility to log in exceptions at a user level? My support team in-charge wants to have a feature where the support team can get user specific log files.

To give you a background, this application is currently on VB 6.0 and we are migrating it along with some enhancements. So, today the support personnel have a provision to get user specific log files.


My vote is for ELMAH. It is the easiest to set up and automagically lets you find bugs that never get reported back from the end-user.


While this is a bit self promotion, CuttingEdge.Logging allows native support for logging the user name in who's context a log event occured. When you configure the AspNetSqlLoggingProvider with the userNameRetrievalType set to "Membership", it allows retrieving the user name from from the HttpContext.

The AspNetSqlLoggingProvider logs to a database. The framework does not contain any tools for analyzing logs. When you want this, you can take a look at ELMAH, and I believe there are tools (both open source and commercially) available for log4net.

Good luck.

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