root directory = /srv/myproject/xyz/main/

in the "main" folder I have few *.html files and I want all of them to point at a url say /test/ (which is quite different from the directory structure)

this is my very basic nginx configuration

server {
    listen                80;
    error_log   /var/log/testc.error.log;

    location /test/ {
         root   /srv/myproject/xyz/main/;
         #alias /srv/myproject/xyz/main/;
         default_type   "text/html";
         try_files  $uri.html ;

If I use simple alias

location /test/ {
       alias /srv/myproject/xyz/main/;   

then its work perfectly, I mean I can access those html files by and so on

but I dont want that html extension.

I tried to follow these threads but no success,201491,201494

How to remove both .php and .html extensions from url using NGINX?

how to serve html files in nginx without showing the extension in this alias setup

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Try this

location ~ ^/test/(.*)$ {
    alias /srv/myproject/xyz/main/;
    try_files $1.html =404;

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