I have a large tar.gz file (approximately 63 GB) on a linux server. This file has about 1000 compressed csv files. I need to save the data of csv files in a database.

I can't extract whole file in one go due to limited space on the server. So I split the tar.gz file into 5 parts (4 parts of 15 GB and 1 of 3GB) but did not merge all of them as the server won't have any space left when extraction would be done. I merged the first two parts to make a new tar.gz file and extracted the csv files from that.

When I tried to merge the last 3 parts, it did not make a valid tar.gz file and that file could not be extracted. This problem was not because of server space because I deleted the files that were no longer required after extraction from first two parts.

Is there any way through which the last 3 parts of the split tar.gz file can be merged in a valid tar.gz format and then extracted?

Command used to split :

split -b 15G file.tar.gz parts

Command used to merge :

cat parts* > combined.tar.gz

Command used to extract :

tar zxvf file.tar.gz -C folderwhereextracted
  • Is recreating the original tar file a different way an option, or are you limited to working with the existing 63 GB file? – Ray Jan 27 '15 at 19:20
  • No. I have to work with the 63 GB file only. – Vaibhav Goyal Jan 27 '15 at 19:31

You can use short shell script:


for file in `ls ./da/*.tar.gz.*`
        let i++

        if [[ -f $(find $path/*.tar.gz.$i) ]]
                echo "file $path/*.tar.gz.$i found."
                list="$list $path/*.tar.gz.$i"
                echo "file $path/*.tar.gz.$i not found!"
cat $list > full.tar.gz
tar zxvf ./full.tar.gz -C $path
# rm -rf $list

Put your path to variable with the same name. Uncomment last line to remove source files after untar.

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