Is there any way to define a constant for an entire namespace, rather than just within a class? For example:

namespace MyNamespace
    public const string MY_CONST = "Test";

    static class Program

Gives a compile error as follows:

Expected class, delegate, enum, interface, or struct

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    Note that "constant variable" is an oxymoron. Variables vary, that's why they're called "variables". Constants remain constant, that's why they're called constants. Variables are storage locations, constants are values. They are completely different; there can be no such thing as a "constant variable". – Eric Lippert May 12 '10 at 14:14

I believe it's not possible. But you can create a Class with only constants.

public static class GlobalVar
    public const string MY_CONST = "Test";

and then use it like

class Program
    static void Main()

This is not possible

From MSDN:

The const keyword is used to modify a declaration of a field or local variable.

Since you can only have a field or local variable within a class, this means you cannot have a global const. (i.e namespace const)


You can use the constants in your other classes if you add the "Using Static" too:

using static MyNameSpace.MyGlobals;

namespace MyNameSpace {
    public static class MyGlobals{
        public const bool SAVE_LOGSPACE = true;
        public static readonly DateTime BACKTEST_START_DATE = new DateTime(2019,03,01);

No, there is not. Put it in a static class or enum.

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