For the life of me I cannot get my google calendar xml feed to only display events within a certain date range. I know that start-min and start-max are supposed to limit the output (according to these posts:

(links to posts deleted because I am a newbie and can only post one hyperlink argh)

BUT I CAN'T GET IT TO WORK. It keeps showing lot of things outside the range.

I created a sample calendar and made it public. It is some events the first week of april. Can anyone show me how to construct a request that only returns those three events from the first week in april?

I'll GLADLY and GRATEFULLY paypal $10 to anyone who helps me break through on this.

Here is the calendar's public feed:


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This link should limit it to events from the 1st of April to the 7th of April using the start-min and start-max options you mention


If this helps and you really want to paypal someone $10, please send it to the SPCA - http://rnzspca.org.nz/ :)

  • even though 3 years old...upvoted due to suggesting donations to a good cause!
    – Evan R.
    Jun 8, 2013 at 4:11

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