I'm building an app in AngularJS and I was thinking about using SEO URLs. Currently my states are as follows:

article/page/:page - for a paginated listing of articles

article/:id - to view details of a single article

I thought about adding another state as follows: article/:id/:seo

I would completely ignore the :seo state parameter, so no matter if the URL was article/25/some-article-title or article/25/something-different, it would still display the exactly same article.

I would then simply link people to those URLs, but still ignoring the seo state parameter. It would only serve an informational purpose.

My question is if this is acceptable. All I found are high end javascript SEO frameworks on top of an already heavy framework. I don't need that. I just want a simple way to show people readable URLs.


As long as the canonical URL isset, the overall vanity URL matters little as the canonical one will be indexed.

A commercial example, ESPN do this all the time. Sometimes the URL conforms, sometime's it redirects to the correct page and if all else fails it just redirects to a search.

But no matter how many variations of the URL and how malformed it is, it takes away little, if anything, from the indexed content of the page.

However, if the ratio of total links to a url for a 301 redirect is overwhleming, it is indeed possible for the vanity url to appear in indexes despite it being a 301 redirect.

Again, ESPN as an example, searching the term site:espn.com/billsimmons will show an indexed page that will redirect to http://search.espn.go.com/bill-simmons/.

As long as you set the canonical URL, you should be fine.

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