I'm writing a Scala test with some ScalaTest matchers.

When my test fails, intellij says something like

{"count":3,"pagination":{"offset":0,"limit":100},"content":{"uri":"http://locahost.com/catalogue/content?order=Query&id=18,20,19"},"list":[{"id":"18","position":27},{"id":"20","position":341},{"id":"19","position":33}]} was not equal to {"count":3,"pagination":{"offset":0,"limit":100},"content":{"uri":"http://locahost.com/catalogue/content?order=Query&id=18,20,19"},"list":[{"id":"18","timestamp":"2015-01-28T11:55:44.494Z","content":"Episode","position":27},{"id":"20","timestamp":"2015-01-19T11:55:44.494Z","content":"Program","position":341},{"id":"19","timestamp":"2015-01-17T11:55:44.494Z","content":"Episode","position":33}]}
org.scalatest.exceptions.TestFailedException: {"count":3,"pagination":{"offset":0,"limit":100},"content":{"uri":"http://locahost.com/catalogue/content?order=Query&id=18,20,19"},"list":[{"id":"18","position":27},{"id":"20","position":341},{"id":"19","position":33}]} was not equal to {"count":3,"pagination":{"offset":0,"limit":100},"content":{"uri":"http://locahost.com/catalogue/content?order=Query&id=18,20,19"},"list":[{"id":"18","timestamp":"2015-01-28T11:55:44.494Z","content":"Episode","position":27},{"id":"20","timestamp":"2015-01-19T11:55:44.494Z","content":"Program","position":341},{"id":"19","timestamp":"2015-01-17T11:55:44.494Z","content":"Episode","position":33}]}
at    org.scalatest.MatchersHelper$.newTestFailedException(MatchersHelper.scala:160)
at org.scalatest.Matchers$ShouldMethodHelper$.shouldMatcher(Matchers.scala:6231)
at org.scalatest.Matchers$AnyShouldWrapper.should(Matchers.scala:6265)

However, intellij does not give me the handy see difference in the text feature.

I thought it might be because I'm comparing 2 objects

  val responseBody = responseAs[JsValue]
  responseBody should be(viewingByAccountIdResponseJson)

but changing it to

assert(responseBody.toString() === viewingByAccountIdResponseJson.toString())

Does not allow me to do a text comparison either.

Is there any way to configure intellij to do this?

(I'm currently using a FlatSpec with Matchers)

Note: This is related to this question Formatting output so that Intellij Idea shows diffs for two texts

However, even using the syntax recommended that intellij might pick up, it does not work.

  • Using Idea 14.0.2, ScalaTest 2.2.1 and Scala 2.11.4 if I compare two strings x and y using assert(x === y) or x should be (y) I see "a[bc]de" did not equal "a[BC]de" which I think is the behavior you want. Are you sure you don't have some special configuration that is getting in your way? Or maybe you're just using an old version of ScalaTest? I believe in any case it only works for strings. – Spiro Michaylov Jan 30 '15 at 15:42
  • Does it give you the link which compares the 2 text highlighting differences? I've found with java+groovy it does that, just not in my Scala Tests. It means comparing json strings, is quite a challenge to work out what is different. – Bruce Lowe Jan 31 '15 at 15:13
  • No, it doesn't. Do you have any reason to believe ScalaTest does this at all, outside the context of IntelliJ? – Spiro Michaylov Feb 1 '15 at 19:53

I see this is not possible at the moment and as of the current moment in time, is a feature request:


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