I have been developing an iOS App with iPhone(4-inch) Storyboard. Now I would like to use the same storyboard for iPad also. My iPhone storyboard contains 130+ scenes now. I need to make it for iPad also.

I tried solution from link: Converting Storyboard from iPhone to iPad

After following it my Xcode crashes, may be due to many scenes in the single storyboard.

I know about size classes in Xcode 6 and also tried it but the fonts don't update for the iPad size class(Regular Width| Regular Height) on simulator/device with iOS 7 but on iOS 8 it does. Since I have deployment target as iOS 7 I can't overlook the issue.

Can anyone help me with a solution that works on Xcode 5.1.1 of having same iPhone storyboard for iPad(Like a Universal App) as well?

Any help/clue will be appreciated.



Have you tried using size classes?

If that doesn't work, you could always use 2 different storyboards- 1 for the iPhone and 1 for the iPad

  • yes I did try using size class but the fonts don't update for iPad with iOS 7 with Regular Width and Regular Height... – user2741735 Jan 30 '15 at 5:01

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