I have markdown files that contain YAML frontmatter metadata, like this:

title: Something Somethingelse
author: Somebody Sometheson 

But the YAML is of varying widths. Can I use a Posix command like sed to remove that frontmatter when it's at the beginning of a file? Something that just removes everything between --- and ---, inclusive, but also ignores the rest of the file, in case there are ---s elsewhere.

  • could you specify the input and output? my understanding is you want to remove lines inside --- and ---. If so, try sed -i -n '/---/,/---/d' [file] – qqibrow Jan 29 '15 at 18:25
  • qqibrow, your sed command as written is being too greedy and will remove more then what was asked. – user3439894 Jan 29 '15 at 18:42
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I understand your question to mean that you want to remove the first ----enclosed block if it starts at the first line. In that case,

sed '1 { /^---/ { :a N; /\n---/! ba; d} }' filename

This is:

1 {              # in the first line
  /^---/ {       # if it starts with ---
    :a           # jump label for looping
    N            # fetch the next line, append to pattern space
    /\n---/! ba; # if the result does not contain \n--- (that is, if the last
                 # fetched line does not begin with ---), go back to :a
    d            # then delete the whole thing.
                 # otherwise drop off the end here and do the default (print
                 # the line)

Depending on how you want to handle lines that begin with ---abc or so, you may have to change the patterns a little (perhaps add $ at the end to only match when the whole line is ---). I'm a bit unclear on your precise requirements there.

If you want to remove the front matter and only the front matter you could simply run:

sed '1{/^---$/!q;};1,/^---$/d' infile

If the first line doesn't match ---, sed will quit; else it will delete everything from the 1st line up to (and including) the next line matching --- (i.e. the entire front matter).

  • I had to put a semicolon after "q" to make this work: sed '1{/^---$/!q;};1,/^---$/d' – J. B. Rainsberger Dec 12 '17 at 4:29
  • @J.B.Rainsberger - yes, I used gnu sed syntax but the portable way is with a semicolon before the brace, thanks for the head-up ! – don_crissti Dec 12 '17 at 11:44

If you don't mind the "or something" being perl.

Simply print after two instances of "---" have been found:

perl -ne 'if ($i > 1) { print } else { /^---/ && $i++ }' yaml

or a bit shorter if you don't mind abusing ?: for flow control:

perl -ne '$i > 1 ? print : /^---/ && $i++' yaml

Be sure to include -i if you want to replace inline.

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