I'm not very good at linux, and am trying to use grep to count five letter words.


This gnu awk (due to mulitple characters in Record Selector) does count how many word have 5 letters. It does ignore ., etc.

awk -v RS="[ .,?!]|\n" 'length($0)==5 {a++} END {print a}' file

Use the c flag to count, look for patterns containing five characters:

 $ cat file
 some text file containing many words and sentences.
 $ tr ' ' '\n' < file | grep -c '^[ \t]*[a-zA-Z]\{5\}[ \t]*$'

You can use:

grep -o -w "\w\{5\}" your_file | wc -w

With -o only matched words will be printed, -w denotes that regex is searched as a word, \w\{5\} - regex string itself (matches 5 continuous word characters). So, with your_file containing

word1 word2 word3
long_word 123 word4

Output of grep -o -w "\w\{5\}" your_file will be


Piped wc -w just counts this.

Note: If you don't want to match all alphanumeric characters - replace \w meta-character by something more specific. For example [a-z] - lowercase English letters.

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