Basic info:

- I hosted my app in IIS7.5 
- I created a new "Self-signed certificate" in IIS
- Site Bindings: type: https, port: 443, ip: *
- IIS 6 Management Compatibility -> enabled
- https://localhost:443 -> does not work
- sslFlags - ssl or ssl128 -> does not work

SSL received a record that exceeded the maximum permissible length. (Error code: ssl_error_rx_record_too_long)

When I navigate to the web page, I get the ssl error, but when i change https to http i can access the page just fine.

Can anyone tell me how I should resolve this problem ?

I googled on this topic a little bit, but none of them give a solution. How can i access the page using https?

Thank you


This kind of strange error occurs sometimes if the SSL stack tries to interpret non-SSL data as SSL. Please check that both sides really do SSL, packet sniffing with wireshark or so could help.


possibility that you have not created the ssl cert properly. are you able to browse the non ssl port.?

verify the ssl cert. if you need you can refer either , http://dotnetstock.com/technical/how-to-generate-self-signed-certificate-from-iis-8 or



Thank you for your answers!

I have done everything according to these instructions:


Everything works ;)

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