Trying to add Spring bean to Camel body property. Something like:

MVEL: exchange.in.body.limit = uiLimit
        exchange.in.body.limit = uiLimit;
Spel: request.body.limit = uiLimit

Or even putting in header first:

<setHeader headerName="limit">

Where uiLimit is:

<bean id="uiLimit" class="java.math.BigInteger">
  <constructor-arg value="${UI_LIMIT} />

And still getting null in header and property.

Any ideas why bean lookup in Registry doesn't work for OSGI? (all beans/routes inside single bundle)

PS: this works fine in Route:

<bean ref="uiLimit" method="toString"/>
  • What is ${UI_LIMIT}, is it a property? And, in last code-block, 2 closing quotes are missing ;-) – Martin Baumgartner Jan 30 '15 at 14:12
  • Thanks for pointing that out. Quotes added. ${UI_LIMIT} is a property (String) – Ruslan Jan 30 '15 at 15:51

The transform is only for transforming the message body. Not to mutate headers.

If you want to change a header, use setHeader

  • I have described 3 ways to find Spring bean in Registry. 1. Via Simple and setHeader 2. Via Mvel 3. Via Spel None of them is working in OSGI environment – Ruslan Jan 30 '15 at 15:27

The reason of such behaviour is that Exchange created in another bundle and came via exposed service:

<osgi:service ref="someHandler" interface="org.apache.camel.Component"/>

Exchange contains Registry/Context from another bundle where this bean is not declared. All expression languages are working with Registry/Context attached to Exchange and not with Registry of current budle

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