I have already created a table in hbase using hive:

hive> CREATE TABLE hbase_table_emp(id int, name string, role string) 
STORED BY 'org.apache.hadoop.hive.hbase.HBaseStorageHandler'
WITH SERDEPROPERTIES ("hbase.columns.mapping" = ":key,cf1:name,cf1:role")
TBLPROPERTIES ("hbase.table.name" = "emp");

and created another table to load data on it :

hive> create table testemp(id int, name string, role string) row format delimited fields terminated by '\t';
hive> load data local inpath '/home/user/sample.txt' into table testemp;

and finally insert data into the hbase table:

hive> insert overwrite table hbase_table_emp select * from testemp;
hive> select * from hbase_table_emp;
123 Ram     TeamLead
456 Silva   Member
789 Krishna Member
time taken: 0.160 seconds, Fetched: 3 row(s)

the table looks like this in hbase:

hbase(main):002:0> scan 'emp'
ROW                   COLUMN+CELL                                               
 123                  column=cf1:name, timestamp=1422540225254, value=Ram       
 123                  column=cf1:role, timestamp=1422540225254, value=TeamLead  
 456                  column=cf1:name, timestamp=1422540225254, value=Silva     
 456                  column=cf1:role, timestamp=1422540225254, value=Member    
 789                  column=cf1:name, timestamp=1422540225254, value=Krishna      
 789                  column=cf1:role, timestamp=1422540225254, value=Member    
3 row(s) in 2.1230 seconds

Now I'm trying to update a value in this table for exemple, I want to change the "role" of "Ram" from "Teamlead" to "Member", which query should I use?


You can do it with HIVE since v0.14+:

INSERT INTO TABLE hbase_table_emp VALUES (123, null, "Member");

You've got to provide the key you want to update and null values on fields you don't want to update... yeah, it's odd, like having to compile and run a MapReduce job for a single update, but it's also odd to pretend HIVE+HBase to work like a regular RDBMS and provide full ACID support in the process :)

For updating data I'd stick to the APIs provided by HBase (Stargate, Thrift, Native or even the hbase shell) and use HIVE just for mass imports and data analysis.

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Assuming that you are trying to overwrite the previous value, from the hbase shell you can run the following:

put 'emp', 123, 'cf1:role', Member', 1422540225254

It's important to use the same timestamp as the previous entry if your goal is to overwrite.

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