How remove "localhost:portno" when running an asp.net website under iis?... When i browse my virtual directory i can http://localhost:120/mine/Forms/Clients.aspx.....

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If your using IIS 7+ you can create a website (or edit its bindings). In the bindings, add your url that you would like specified. I usually follow {projectName}.{machineName}.{CompanyDomainName}.com.

Then open up notepad, notepad++, ect as admin and open up the host file (C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts) and add the following: {url you specified for the binding}

Restart IIS and when you navigate to the binding url, it should open the site.

Machine Name: Colorado
Domain Name: stackoverflow
Project Name: userDashboard

Binding: UserDashboard.Colorado.StackOverflow.com

Host File: UserDashboard.Colorado.StackOverflow.com

Hope this helps


Configure your virtual directory in Default website in IIS where port = 80 OR set website port = 80. For port 80 you need not to define port in URL.

To set port, Go to website properties > In website tab > See TCP Port

  • Chandru, provide more details. Where do you get object not found error? Are you running anything else on port 80?
    – Raj Kaimal
    May 13, 2010 at 5:21

You have to specify port explicitly only when running non-default websites on IIS. Deploy you app to default website (or to virtual directory in it). Default website configured to 80 port so you can just type in browser "http://localhost/{virtual_directory}"

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