I have followed instruction of author's page: http://flaviusmatis.github.io/simplePagination.js/

and from this: How to use SimplePagination jquery.

And i tried to implement it on my php code as below steps. I tried with firebugs but there is no error. According to the settings of js: it should displayed 5 pages and 2 results in each page. But it still displayed 10 results as normal and the pagination part only displayed this and unclickable. pagination

  1. I have included both css and js file to the header
  2. My HTML which displays results from database using while loop and there is 10 results.

     while ($row = $result->fetch_assoc()
     echo "<div id='item'>
            <div class='title'>$row[title]</div>
            <div class='description'>$row[description]</div>
  3. This is div which contains pagination and pagination initializer:

     <div class='pagination-page'></div>
     jQuery(function($) {
     var items = $("#item");
     var numItems = items.length;
     var perPage = 2;
     // only show the first 2 (or "first per_page") items initially
     // now setup your pagination
     // you need that .pagination-page div before/after your table
    items: numItems,
    itemsOnPage: perPage,
    cssStyle: "compact-theme",
    onPageClick: function(pageNumber) { // this is where the magic happens
        // someone changed page, lets hide/show trs appropriately
        var showFrom = perPage * (pageNumber - 1);
        var showTo = showFrom + perPage;
        items.hide() // first hide everything, then show for the new page
             .slice(showFrom, showTo).show();

You should not use div id='item' since it produces multiple elements with the same id. It is very wrong, use class instead. Id must be unique. It should be sth like this...

var items = $(".item");
<div class='item' ...

  • Well, that was a stupid mistake, thank you very much. You saved my time... – Giang Nguyen Jan 31 '15 at 17:51
  • I don't know it is a good idea to use this pagination jquery plugins? Because my website will need to display all possible results and then this plugin only calculates number of results... If i have thousands of results retrieve from database, it will take time to load all them. Should i use php pagination instead? Because i can use Limit in sql query to display only first 0-9 results in first page, if user click 2 page, it will display 10-19 result.... what you do think? please suggest... – Giang Nguyen Jan 31 '15 at 18:03
  • I would suggest php, but there may be many factors for frontend or backend solution. It might be a topic for another stack question :) – jakub.staniewicz_creativestyle Feb 1 '15 at 6:41

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