I've been looking for a tool to extract exception information from a C++ program. The most wanted feature I'm looking for: I want to know all the exceptions that can be thrown from a function (which would include all the function that is called from that function recursively).

I've always thought that documenting errors and exceptions in particular is very hard (and takes a lot of effort to keep up to date). But if there is some way to automate that, it would be very helpful.

A tool for windows and Visual Studio would be preferred but not necessary, I could always work around that.


PC-Lint claims to do static exception analysis of C++ code.
Coverity is another static C++ code analysis tool that apparently informs you of unhandled exceptions.
AQtime claims to have exception tracing as part of its code analysis. Plus, they advertise Visual Studio integration.
Here is a list of several static code analysis tools.


DISCLAIMER: Working on this tool is my day job.

Its hard for me to write this without it looking like a sales pitch, so I apologise in advance.

As well as other analysis, QA C++ outputs the list of types that are thrown from the body of functions and the call tree. I believe that this would be all the information that you require.

  • Thanks for the recommendation. I've just talked to them and I'm getting a demo. It looks good on paper, I really hope its can handle what I'm looking for. – Magnus Westin Apr 16 '09 at 12:59

EDoC++ (http://edoc.sourceforge.net) is another alternative.

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