I need a program to visualize a json response from a URL or a json file, which organizes the data so it's more human readable. Any suggestions?

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If you are looking for an interactive online app, http://jsbeautifier.org/ works great and there are many suggestions for integrating the functionality into other environments.

You can either execute the core of jsbeautifier (beautify-cl.js) in a hosted js runtime or attempt to re-engineer it in the language of your choice.

If you need to reformat JSON at runtime in .net, I can suggest JSON.Net.


Great online tools:

  • Online JSON Parser

    Excelent for detecting invalid json, and shows both json-parse and eval methods.

  • JSON Visualization

    Shows json as html tables and is good for detecting invalid json

  • Online JSON Viewer

    Nice if you want to traverse json as a tree with properties (but bad for invalid json)

Downloadable tool built on .NET:

  • JSON Viewer

    Has a stand-alone viewer similar to the online viewer of the same name, but also has plugins for Fiddler 2 and Visual Studio 2005

  • JSONView only app I found that worked with very large files – AlanKley Apr 1 at 15:26

I use JsonLint, a web based validator and reformatter for JSON. Upon validation, it also reformats the JSON file so that it is easier to read.


To toot my own horn, I've also written a JSON visualizer - it can even fetch a remote url and visualize the JSON it returns.

You can find it at http://json.bloople.net.

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well to continue the trend here (a couple years later) here is another JSON Visualizer created by myself .. though this one a little bit prettier ;)



I've written my own lightweight yet quite powerful JSON Viewer. You can get it here.

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