Is there a bundle which completes my custom classes and functions in a TextMate project?

Like the code hints with PHP core functions?


Yet it is possible to get auto completion for you custom classes. See my answer to this question : Textmate autocompletion and class outline for PHP project

  • O that's nice! Now if someone could also implement argument hinting it would be great! (Will try to build that in myself) – Koen. Oct 1 '10 at 13:59
  • Great keep me posted :) also static classes are handled really bad. – Michael Oct 1 '10 at 16:42

As far as I know (and tried to find out in the last couple of hours) there is no working possibility for code completing your own PHP classes and functions in TextMate.

On a sidenote: The PHP Code Completion bundle linked as an answer to this question is totally outdated. You should use the official PHP bundle from http://github.com/textmate instead. With this bundle you can at least complete PHP’s built-in functions, display documentation as a tooltip and load PHP’s docs for the selected function in a new window.

The only workaround (and it isn’t so nice compared to real code completion) is to know the TextMate shortcuts for fast navigation between and inside files:

  • ⌘T (Go to File)
  • ⇧⌘T (Go to Symbol)
  • ⌃⌘T (Select Bundle Item)

It is also worth to look inside the PHP bundle in the Bundle Editor and memorize a couple of shortcuts. Once you learned a couple of them it’s as fast as with an IDE and code completion.


Check out textmate php code completion here http://aralbalkan.com/822

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