I have a website, which runs perfectly in IIS 7.5. but the same site with same configuration is not working properly in IIS 8.5. i am passing an system string variable in URL and it shows me

HTTP Error 404.19 - Not Found error.

So i am not able to catch the exact issue. All things are same for both IIS except IIS version only. So i need your thoughts for the problem. So that I can also look into this. Unfortunately I am new in .net, so need basic answer(s). Thanks.

If I pass "&system=value1"in URL for IIS8.5 then it stops working, even this also didn't generate any log for this. So please help me for this.

I just Came to know that if i use "sys" word in Query String then its giving error. How to avoid this issue now?

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This can be found in IIS under Request Filtering. Usually, you will see this under the Deny String section of a rule, possibly one meant to thwart SQL Injection attacks.

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