I want my paypal TemplateD in my iframe to be mobile friendly.

I asked tech support from paypal this question but they seem to be ignoring me for some reason.


if you look at this document at page 45 of the paypal documentation you will see the following:

templateD - Sets the payment page template to the MiniLayout (iFrame integration) template. When the payment page is viewed from a mobile browser, PayPal will not display a mobile-optimized flow. The reason is that if PayPal automatically displayed a mobile optimized embedded template within a merchant web page that may not be mobile optimized, this can create unexpected and undesira ble results. To display the mobile optmized payment flow, pass either mobile or mobile-iframe in the template HTML variable at transaction time

what exactly means "Pass either mobile or mobile-iframe in the html template variable at transaction time"

I believe i have to create an input of type hidden with the attribute of "value" equal of "mobile-iframe", however i do not know what the value of the "name" attribute is.

i already have a

input type=hidden name="template" value = "templateD"

I believei need something like this

input type=hidden name="?" value="mobile-iframe"

The Question mark represents that which i do not know.


I presume you have probably found the answer to this by now, but I will answer it in case anybody is searching the same answer (like me).

You don't need to send an additional input, you just replace "templateD" with "mobile-iframe".


input type="hidden" name="template" value="mobile-iframe"

hope this helps


The VirtueMart payment method values (configurable and non-configurable parameters such as this one) are stored in table _virtuemart_paymentmethods (id=21 in my VirtueMart 3.0.18 installation) in the field payment_params.

So to change the value for the template html variable, carefully edit this field using phpMyAdmin and change template="templateD" to template="mobile-iframe".

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