Other than using a set of or statements

isinstance( x, np.float64 ) or isinstance( x, np.float32 ) or isinstance( np.float16 )

Is there a cleaner way to check of a variable is a floating type?


You can use np.floating:

In [11]: isinstance(np.float16(1), np.floating)
Out[11]: True

In [12]: isinstance(np.float32(1), np.floating)
Out[12]: True

In [13]: isinstance(np.float64(1), np.floating)
Out[13]: True

Note: non-numpy types return False:

In [14]: isinstance(1, np.floating)
Out[14]: False

In [15]: isinstance(1.0, np.floating)
Out[15]: False

to include more types, e.g. python floats, you can use a tuple in isinstance:

In [16]: isinstance(1.0, (np.floating, float))
Out[16]: True
  • thank you! this has been bugging me for a while now. – Trevor Boyd Smith Jul 23 at 15:53

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