I have an interactive report displaying all the records from articles table. For a logged in author, I would like to display all the records, but the EDIT should be displayed only for those articles written by that author. In articles table, I have the column CREATED_BY which has the author username.

I added a condition to Link Column as Value of Item / Column in Expression 1 = Expression 2 as Expression1=#CREATED_BY# & Expression2= :APP_USER

But this does not work. This is the first time I am taking this approach to display edit link based on a condition.

When I added the condition Value of Item / Column in Expression 1 is not null and set Expression1 = #CREATED_BY#, it was still not displaying edit link. So, I think that #CREATED_BY# is returning null. But the record in table has a value & I also see it in report column.

Can someone help? I don't know where I am going wrong.

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The condition you use is for the column and not for each row so you will not be able to do it that way.

I think that the best way to achieve this is create a dummy column in your query that you will use as your edit link:

        '<a href="' || APEX_UTIL.PREPARE_URL( p_url => 'f?p=' || &APP_ID. || ':<YOUR EDIT PAGE>:'||&SESSION.||'::NO::<PAGE ITEM>:'||COLUMN ID, p_checksum_type => 'SESSION') || '"><img src="/i/menu/pencil2_16x16.gif"></a>'
      ELSE ''
    END edit_link,


You also have to change the display of the column under column definition to

Standard Report Column

and optionally you can remove the options under

Allow Users To: so the user couldn't hide/sort/... the column.

Column Definition

Hope this can help you. Any doubt or further explanation just ask.


I was able to come up with the solution in APEX 5, but the same should apply to APEX 4.2. You can easily do this with the built-in APEX column link and a case statement as hmarques was suggesting.

Structure your query as follows:

       END EDIT,
       ...rest of query

Then, go to: Report Attributes > Your Edit Column > and scroll to the Column Link portion of the page. Select the arrow next to the Link Text text box, and select #EDIT# as the column link text.

Also, set the Link Attributes with this html code:

class="t-Button t-Button--simple t-Button--hot t-Button--stretch"

This will make the column look like a button, and will not display the traditional pencil icon (which is the only drawback to this method).

Click here to see screen shot

Don't forget to make the edit column a Standard Report Column and good luck!



This is a similar solution to hmarques, but it doesn't require building the whole link manually.

I would include a dummy column in the report query which contains either null, or if the current username matches CREATED_BY, a pointer to the "Edit" button image:

select decode(CREATED_BY
            ,'<img src="#IMAGE_PREFIX#edit.gif" alt="">' 
                -- or your preferred image/hyperlink text
            ) EDITLINK
       --, your columns

Use the standard column link functionality to pass parameters to your edit page, but use #EDITLINK# as your column's Link Text. Don't forget to set the column's Display Type to "Standard Report Column". Personally I would also get rid of the column heading - it's a mandatory field, but you can set it to a single space.

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