I just created a Table on PL/SQL Devloper. The Table I created has an ID column. For this column, I set up a primary key (PK_ID). The column also has a unique index with name PK_ID.

I tried to insert into this table by writing this:

VALUES ('This is a Test','Tim', 1);

And I get the error "ORA-00001: unique constraint (ADMIN.PK_ID) violated"

I have no other inserts in the table (it is currently empty) and I figured inserting 1 as the ID would be unique.

I also do not have a sequence and trigger set up to auto-increment the ID column, because I honestly do not know how to edit the table to do that (which is why I just inserted with the ID as 1 as a test).

Why can't I insert with an ID 1 if the table is empty? Wouldn't it still be unique in that case?

(Note: Running the command without including ID and the Value 1 gives me an error saying I cannot insert "NULL" into the ID column)

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    It seems highly unlikely that the table is empty. You'd only get that error if there was another row in the table with an ID of 1. – Justin Cave Feb 3 '15 at 16:57
  • Do you maybe have both a semicolon and a / on the next line, causing the statement to be executed twice? You'd see '1 row inserted' before the error message then. (Or two error messages trying to insert null). – Alex Poole Feb 3 '15 at 18:49

Please execute a simple statement:

select * from admin.message_list where id = 1;

If it wouldn't return rows, you should check if constraint PK_ID refers to ID column and if so, ask Oracle support to fix a bug.

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