How do I run only Test 3 from the following tests?

module.exports = {
  'Test 1':function(){},
  'Test 2':function(){}
  'Test 3':function(){}

A new parameter --testcase has been added to run a specified testcase.

nightwatch.js --test tests\demo.js --testcase "Test 1"

It's a new feature since the v0.6.0



You must use specific tags before function and separate all functions in diferent files under tests directory, and then call command with --tag argument. See wiki nightwatch tags page and watch this example:

// --- file1.js ---
module.exports = {
    tags: ['login'],
    'Test 1':function(){
        //TODO test 1

// --- file2.js ---
module.exports = {
    tags: ['special', 'createUser'],
    'Test 2':function(){
        //TODO test 2

// --- file3.js ---
module.exports = {
    tags: ['logoff', 'special'],
    'Test 3':function(){
        //TODO test 3

If you run:

nightwatch.js --tag login

only runs Test 1, however if you run:

nightwatch.js --tag special

Test 2 and Test 3 will be executed.

You can specific more than one tag

nightwatch.js --tag tag1 --tag tag2

Separate each test function is mandatory because Nightwatch handled with filematcher each file. See Github code.

PD: If file has syntax errors, is possible that test don't run or test hasn't been found

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    This is pretty awesome - I think what would be optimal is if it worked like mocha and grepping. That's what I was hoping for! – Mohamed El Mahallawy Feb 25 '15 at 2:19
  • Yeah, but it doesn't work for this way. If you like, check filematcher.js util lib from github nightwatch repo – albertoiNET Feb 25 '15 at 10:41
  • @albertoiNET could you provide a solution where using nightwatch programmatically? Meaning, running a node script that invokes nightwatch.runner – Jeremy Jan 15 '19 at 17:18

The --testcase flag can since version 0.6 be used to run a single test from the commandline, e.g.

nightwatch.js --test tests\demo.js --testcase "Test 1"

This could be done using either test groups or test tags. You can also execute a single test with the --test flag, e.g.

nightwatch.js --test tests\demo.js

you can do somthing like:

node nightwatch.js -e chrome --test tests/login_test --testcase tc_001

Another possible way of doing so, would be to use the following on each test case that you want to omit:

'@disabled': true,

This can simply be set to false or removed if you wish to test it.

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