With the new Eclipse 3.5.2 Update manager, I am not able to find, how do I specify installation directory for my plugins. I use it, so that I can manage multiple installation of eclipse, without installation plugins again. Can anybody provide me settings, so that I can specify location for plugin, while installing it ?

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You can use an external dropins folder, with the setting (in your eclipse.ini):


Now, the trick is:
If you install a new plugin through Eclipse itself, it will install it directly in its own plugins/features internal directories.
It is up to you to move those jars in a similar directory structure in your external dropins directory.
So this is not an exact solution for your problem, but at least that allows you to isolate those plugins in a shared external directory which will be read by different Eclipse installation on each Eclipse session startup.

  • another way, which I found is by running eclipse.exe with some arguments. below is the example: D:\eclipse352\eclipse.exe -configuration D:\plugins\all\eclipse\configuration But, I certainly don't want all of the plugins in a folder, it was easy to keep them separate in earlier versions. I hope Eclipse haven't lost this functionality :( – Chetan Sachdev May 14 '10 at 1:07
  • 1
    @Chetan: you can separate them, but within the same external dropin folder, as mentioned in stackoverflow.com/questions/2763843/… – VonC May 14 '10 at 7:00

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