I tough this would have been trivial and provided in the MVC template, but actually creating ASP.NET project > MVC 5/EF6 with Individual Account is giving me an email, password credentials combination. Strange considering the Getting Started of Identity shows username, password combination.

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While many seems to want to do the other way around I actually want to convert that default (email, password) behavior to a more basic (username, password). But that seems to require manual modification to the controller, startup, layout and model. Actually what exactly do I have to change to achieve this?

Note that my setup is the basic Visual Studio 2013 Community Edition with nothing more.


A hint, This is to change from username to email. In your account controller

public AccountController(UserManager<User> userManager)
    UserManager = userManager;

    //Login using Email instead of Username, disable UserName validation
    var userValidator = UserManager.UserValidator as UserValidator<User>;
    if (userValidator != null) userValidator.AllowOnlyAlphanumericUserNames = false;

And I think you need to change your view model too

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