Would like to know what others are using as of 2015 for an Angular date picker that is an independent plugin.

Note: I saw this answer, which references UI Bootstrap, but the requirement is for a stand alone library. So that rules out Angular Strap as well :(

What I found so far:

http://720kb.github.io/angular-datepicker/ The 720k angular-datepicker looks promising, says it is responsive, and is recently maintained. IE compatibility is a question mark on its github page though, which would be nice.

https://github.com/alongubkin/angular-datepicker Port of pickdate.js to Angular, with jQuery stripped out. Interesting that it is 'responsive', but I wonder how well the bugs are worked out.

https://github.com/g00fy-/angular-datepicker Pretty full featured, but lacks docs.


After having a few issues with angular-strap I implemented the following: https://github.com/dbushell/Pikaday

Worked well!



  • Localizable
  • Pure CSS – does not use any images
  • Pure Angular – does not rely on any other libraries
  • Compatible with IE8+

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