I have run gitlabhq rails server on virtual machine, following 1-6 steps from this tutorial https://github.com/gitlabhq/gitlab-recipes/blob/master/install/centos/README.md and starts rails server executing command sudo -u git -H bundle exec rails s -e production. After that I created user, using admin tools and created new project under this user. Then I'm trying to push the existing project to this repo as always. But in the last step, git push origin master fails with the error

[remote rejected] master -> master (pre-receive hook declined)

Additional info:

1) I haven't activated user (project owner) via email activation link, because I haven't configured post service on server-side and I didn't find instructions how to do that in this manual.

2) Gitlab server generates tips how to push project to repo and there is not repositories/ in path. I mean it generates git@mygitlabhost:user/repo.git instead of git@mygitlabhost:repositories/user/repo.git which is correct.

3) When i tried to debug it, I opened pre-receive script inside repo on server and tried to output variables (there is 3 of them): refs = ARGF.read, key_id = ENV['GL_ID'] and repo_path = Dir.pwd and found, that key_id is always empty. Maybe the problem is here... If so, please give me suggestions on how to fix that. Thanks

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    I swear, there is at least 1 person in every software development team that wakes up everyday and think how to make other developers' lives much harder. – samayo Jun 23 '18 at 20:44
  • It looks like there's a very popular answer that must work for most people. In my case, however, the same message was received from GitHub when there were accidentally another push already in progress from another machine when trying to push. – Hack-R Feb 18 at 21:14

GitLab by default marks master branch as protected (See part Protecting your code in https://about.gitlab.com/2014/11/26/keeping-your-code-protected/ why). If so in your case, then this can help:

Open your project > Settings [> Repository tab] and go to "Protected branches", select: "Developers can push" and try again.

via https://gitlab.com/gitlab-com/support-forum/issues/40

For version 8.11 and above how-to here: https://docs.gitlab.com/ee/user/project/protected_branches.html#restricting-push-and-merge-access-to-certain-users

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    UI has changed a bit: After project "Settings", click "Repository" tab. Then "Protected Branches" – Donn Lee Jul 6 '17 at 21:11
  • So I was having the same problem OP had and this solution worked for me, thanks! But now I'm wondering, why? I've been using gitlab for a while and all of a sudden I have do this? What changed? – Andrew Lamarra Oct 19 '17 at 13:33
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    Since GitLab 8.11 the options has changed a bit, check the details here – Arghya C Mar 29 '18 at 9:34

Seems the problem is with some services, like sidekiq. Running sudo -u git -H bundle exec rake gitlab:check RAILS_ENV=production outputs all the problems with config.


Following resolved problem in my local machine:

A. First, ensure that you are using the correct log on details to connect to Bitbucket Server (ie. a username/password/SSH key that belongs to you) 

B. Then, ensure that the name/email address is correctly set in your local Git configuration: Set your local Git configuration for the account that you are trying to push under (the check asserts that you are the person who committed the files) * Note that this is case sensitive, both for name and email address * It is also space sensitive - some company accounts have extra spaces/characters in their name eg. "Contractor/ space space(LDN)".  You must include the same number of spaces in your configuration as on Bitbucket Server.  Check this in Notepad if stuck.

C. If you were using the wrong account, simply switch your account credentials (username/password/SSH key) and try pushing again.

D. Else, if your local configuration incorrect you will need to amend it


open -a TextEdit.app ~/.gitconfig

NOTE: You will have to fix up the old commits that you were trying to push.

  1. Amend your last commit:

    > git commit --amend --reset-author
    <save and quit the commit file text editor that opens, if Vim then
    :wq to save and quit>
  2. Try re-pushing your commits:

    > git push

You might not have developer access to the project or master branch. You need dev access to push new work up.

New work meaning new branches and commits.


You need to add your ssh key to your git account,if it throws error then delete previous ssh key and create a new ssh key then add.

  • That didn't help. :( Tested on both accounts - root and myuser on vm and local machine resp. – Hroft Feb 4 '15 at 14:03
  • check git remote -v, your git repo is added or not ? – Hardik Hardiya Feb 4 '15 at 17:00
  • 'git remote -v' outputs: origin git@mygitlabhost:repositories/user/repo.git (fetch) origin git@mygitlabhost:repositories/user/repo.git (push) – Hroft Feb 5 '15 at 6:42
  • If you're using hosted gitlab, the problem is likely on their side. Just try again a few minutes later. – Erik Aronesty Aug 10 '18 at 21:21

Might not be the case, but this was the solution to my "pre-receive hook declined" error:

There are some repositories that only allow modifications through Pull Request. This means that you have to

  1. Create a new branch taking as base the branch that you want to push your changes to.
  2. Commit and push your changes to the new branch.
  3. Open a Pull Request to merge your branch with the original one.

I solved this issue by changing remote 'origin' url from http to git protocol in .git/config

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