When I'm refactoring a website I like to work out the existing structure to make sure I'm not missing anything when porting it over to a new navigation / menu system.

I often end up doing this by manually going over the site or stripping down a sitemap listing. The downside to a sitemap is that a Publications section could have thousands of links listed which then need manually pruning.

Do any automated tools exist that would generate a visual structure of the website on 1 page?

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The Site Visualizer can generate a visual sitemap of a website. Click Project -> New, set up spider settings, then click Start button to run the crawl.

After it is finished, click Draw button of the Visual Sitemap tab. You can highlight outbound links of a page by clicking on it. Use Save button to save the visual structure to an image file:

visual sitemap generator

But if the website is large enough, the visualization won't fit to one printer page. In this case a simple list of website's pages can help you. Go to Pages & Links tab, right-click on the top Pages table, choose Select All, then Copy Rows with Headers. After that paste the data into an MS Excel sheet or a similar application: website pages

Site Visualizer has 30-day fully-functional trial period, so you can perform your task at no cost.


I would recommend using Slickplan. You can create sitemaps from scratch or import and reorganize a sitemap from existing website using the site crawler. Also it has integrated Google Analytics module that gives you the ability to display advanced metrics, so you can choose how to best redesign or reorganize your website. This app has the 30 day free trial, so you can check it out.

I found this video tutorial on how their site crawler works:



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