Have list of messages displayed via ng-repeat, when user scrolls to top older messages are loaded via ion refresher. Desired behavior is for older messages to be added above the current messages, and the scroll position of current messages to be maintained.


<ion-content id="messageScroller" delegate-handle="userMessageScroll">

  <ion-refresher pulling-icon="ion-ios-arrow-thin-down" refreshing-text="loading messages" on-refresh="moreMessages()">

  <div ng-repeat="message in convo.messages">


$scope.moreMessages = function() {
  $scope.convo.messages = olderMessages().concat($scope.convo.messages)

Problem is when more messages is called, the ion-content scrolls to the top (stays at the top?).

How to set scroll position so loading older messages just makes the older messages accessable by scrolling up? Like it does in iMessage, or other chat apps?


look into $ionicScrollDelegate. You can set and get the scroll position

  • This is not ideal, as $ionicScrollDelegate gets you the scroll position relative to the top of the scroll container. This position will always be zero in the situation described above. You might be able to do something with anchors, but have not had luck with this either. – werdnamai Apr 30 '15 at 20:13

I needed to do the same thing in my app and made a directive, just place the <load-more-at-top> directive before an <ion-list> within an <ion-content>

Here's a working plunker

myApp.directive('loadMoreAtTop', function($timeout) {
  return {
    restrict: 'E',
    scope: { onScroll: '&onScroll' },
    require: '^$ionicScroll',
    template: function() {
        return '<ion-refresher pulling-text="More..." on-refresh="growBounds()"></ion-refresher>';
    link: function($scope, $element, attrs, scrollCtrl) {
      var scroller = scrollCtrl.$element[0];
      var lastHeight, 
          loading = false;
      $scope.growBounds = function growBounds() {
          loading = true;
          lastHeight = scroller.scrollHeight;
          console.log('lastHeight', lastHeight);

      function resetScrollPosition() {
          var height = scroller.scrollHeight;
          var difference = height - lastHeight;
          console.log('difference', difference, 'height', height, 'lastHeight', lastHeight);
          // reset the scroll based on previous height
          scrollCtrl.scrollTo(scrollCtrl.getScrollPosition().left, difference, true);

      function finishGrowBounds() {
        if(loading) {
          $timeout(function() {
              loading = false;
          }, 0);

      $scope.$parent.$on('scroll.loaded', finishGrowBounds)
  • 1
    This solution is working great on iOS. However I get this error in console when using this in Android platform: Refresher must be immediate child of ion-content or ion-scroll Is there any way arround this? – Dragan Malinovic Dec 16 '16 at 17:43

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