I enabled access to the Google QPX Express API to do some analytics on the prices of Delta's tickets and Fare Classes. But the response seems to only include flights from a limited set of airlines.

For example, the following request

  "request": {
    "passengers": {
      "adultCount": 1
    "slice": [
        "origin": "JFK",
        "destination": "SFO",
        "date": "2015-02-15",
        "maxStops": 0
    "solutions": 500

only returns flights for AS (Alaska Airlines), US (US Air), VX (Virgin America), B6 (JetBlue), and UA (United Airlines).

If I add "permittedCarriers": [DL], then I get an empty response. Likewise, I get an empty response if I leave out permittedCarriers and look for flights between Delta hubs (e.g., "origin": "ATL", "destination": "MSP").

The documentation suggests that QPX Express is supposed to have most airline tickets available. Is there something wrong with my request? Why am I not seeing any results for Delta?

  • Unless you can show that this is down to your own code, it looks very much like Google just isn't supplying that information. You'd have to ask them why. – user1864610 Feb 5 '15 at 2:10
  • @HoboSapiens I just asked them before posting this. If I get a response I'll post it here. I'm asking here too in case a) there's a problem with my request that I don't see or b) someone else has asked Google and knows the answer – drs Feb 5 '15 at 2:16

I received a response from Google's QPX Express help team about missing data for Delta. The response was that

Delta's data, as well as American Airline's data, is not included in QPX Express search results as a default. Access to their data requires approval by those carriers.

After informing him that my plans to use the data were for research purpsoses, he responded,

American and Delta restrict access to their pricing and availability to companies which they approve, which are primarily organizations driving the sale of airline tickets. Unfortunately, requests for access are only being reviewed for companies that plan to use the API for commercial purposes.

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  • I have also noticed that I don't receive all the results for the same airline. For example, United I only get partial results. – Diesel Jan 29 '17 at 2:37

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