I am trying to convert some Delphi 5 code to Delphi XE7-x64 and I am stuck on following code:

function FindScanline(Source : Pointer; MaxLen : Cardinal;
  Value : Cardinal) : Cardinal; assembler;
          PUSH    ECX
          MOV     ECX,EDX
          MOV     EDX,EDI
          MOV     EDI,EAX
          POP     EAX
          REPE    SCASB
          MOV     EAX,ECX
          MOV     EDI,EDX

As far as I understand following things are occuring:

push the contents of ECX register(Value) onto the stack
move contents of EDX register(MaxLen) into ECX register. now ECX holds (MaxLen)
move contents of EDI register into EDX register. now EDX holds (EDI) 
move contents of EAX register into EDI register. now EDI holds (Source)
pop ECX into EDX. now EDX holds (Value). Was (EDI) lost?
repeat while equal ?decrement ECX for each char?
move contents of ECX register into EAX register
move contents of EDX register into EDI register

For reference function FindScanline is used in function GetCursorHeightMargin

Any help in translating above will be appreciated.

  • You should always add the generic delphi tag to your delphi related questions to have the correct syntax highlighter and more attention on your question. – Sir Rufo Feb 6 '15 at 6:30

Here is a literal translation:

function FindScanline(Source: Pointer; MaxLen: Cardinal; Value: Cardinal): Cardinal;
  Ptr: PByte;
  Result := MaxLen;
  if Result > 0 then
  Ptr := Source;
  while (Result > 0) and (Ptr^ = Value) do

It's rather messy to handle the edge cases unfortunately.

  • You Sir are great _/\_ – AEonAX Feb 5 '15 at 10:47

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