It may be trivial question, but I'm looking over the internet and SO about namei in macos. I can't find it on Yosemite, also homebrew doesn't contains such package to install. From what I was searching, MacPorts doesn't have it neither. Could some pro developers from MacOs help me or suggest other command that will be able to check for ownership and permissions on a path?

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I'm writing this as an answer vs. a comment although I will make a comment first and that is, this doesn't appear to be a question suited to this forum and you might want to ask elsewhere, e.g. Super User.

That said, namei is a part of the util-linux package and as such is not a command normally found under OS X. If it's even possible, you have to download the source code for util-linux and then selectively compile namei and then manually install namei by itself as you would not want to compile and install the entire util-linux package under OS X. I've done similar under OS X with individual utilities of the GNU Core Utilities package however not with the util-linux package.

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