AWS Elastic Beanstalk allows for you to upload a git repository to your environment with a simple eb deploy command.

I know anything placed inside the .gitignore won't be deployed, but what about source files (sass, uncompressed scripts) I want to keep in the repository, but don't want uploaded on deployment.

Is there a way to only upload specific files?


Using Tal's answer below I was able to remove files on deploy with the following:

    command: "rm -rf public/src/"

Given this folder structure:

— .elasticbeanstalk
— .git
— public/
    — dist/
    — src/
    — index.php

If you're using eb deploy than everything that's in git will be uploaded and deployed to the EB instance. That said, you can create an ebextension that removes those files after being deployed.
Here's an example for a file named .ebextensions/cleanup.config:

    rm $EB_APP_CURRENT_DIR/*.saas

this will run after the sources are copied to the EB instance, but before the web server is started.

  • I think your syntax needs a command before "rm $EB_APP..." but this solution works, thanks! – Rich Feb 5 '15 at 22:57
  • Activity execution failed, because: rm: cannot remove What else is needed here to make this work? I added command: before the last line already – Jordan Aug 14 '16 at 6:08

You can ignore files, which are in git using .ebignore. It will cause .gitignore to be ignored, so you may need some duplicate rules in both files.

It is documented here:



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