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I'm attempting to use the Oculus FBX converter tool which came bundled with the Oculus Mobile SDK for Samsung Note 4 download.

Unfortunately, FBX Converter appears to be a Windows only tool :(, so I'm attempting to run this via Parallels Desktop.

There's a readme file in the tools dir which contains some instructions for downloading the AutoDesk FBX SDK and moving to an appropriate directory. I've followed them.

Inside the tools dir I see a makefile. Windows does make? Cool, so I attempt to make:

makefile(3) : fatal error U1033: syntax error : '=' unexpected Stop.

Huh... luckily there's a Visual Studio solution here. So I open the .sln and build. Dang, looks like I have to change the Platform Toolset to v110 because I have VS2012. Try again... Ahhh man, bunch of syntax errors about unexpected identifiers in std::max. I guess I'll try and fix it - std::max - expected an identifier

Cool, build is starting and..... ugh. cannot open file libfbxsdk.lib. Wait a second, I bet it's an issue with how the .sln is pulling in it's dependencies. Yup, wrong pathing. Add an extra ../ and here we go.... nope, no dice. cannot open include file fbxsdk.h.

So that's where I am right now. All I really want to do is convert an fbx file to a .ovrscene. Is that so much to ask? Is there a better way to do this? I hope so.


oh.... looks like there's a bin dir with the FBXConvert .exe included in the download. You'll have to add a .dll, to your System32 directory. That was awesome.

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