I understand that jQuery and jQuery-UI versions do not perfectly match up.

For example, the current "safe" version of jQuery is 1.11.2 and the current "safe" jQueryUI is 1.10.4

Sometimes a client requirement is to continue using a specific version of jQuery, such as 1.8.3. I would like to use the "newest" version of jQuery-UI that will work with that specific version of jQuery core.

Is there a document somewhere that maps the latest version of jQuery-UI that will work with a given version of jQuery core?

  • The most latest Jquery UI will work with JQuery 1.8.3 .
    – saruftw
    Feb 6, 2015 at 16:30

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Okay, I finally noticed this datum. On


the current version of jQueryUI is documented: new features, changes, etc.

Quite a bit down the page, the .0 release of the current version is documented, and includes this section:

**Supported jQuery Versions and Browsers**
jQuery UI 1.11.0 supports jQuery 1.6 and newer. That’s 25 versions!
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    I would recommend checking the dependency listed in the jQuery-UI bower.json file for this info. Even the current master branch (1.12.0-pre) states it's jQuery requirement as >=1.6. Following the typical semantic versioning scheme, any version in the 1.x range higher than 1.6 will work fine here. :)
    – user909694
    May 11, 2015 at 22:32
  • 1
    I still wonder how to update the version of jQuery that jQueryUI is using. I just downloaded jQueryUI and it's pointing to a very old v1.12.4 version. But I have also downloaded jQuery 3.1.1. How can I update jQueryUI to use that version? I notice the jquery.js file that jQueryUI points to has other stuff in it. Any best practices on how to use a different version of jQuery with jQueryUI? Thank you!
    – Elisabeth
    Jun 1, 2017 at 21:30

According to Jquery Blog:

Dropped jQuery 1.6.x support: jQuery UI 1.12 officially supports jQuery 1.7.0 – 3.1.0.


For anyone who needs to know the compatibility of jQuery UI with jQuery, jQueryUI 1.13 ( most recent as of today ) supports all jQuery versions ( from 1.8 upto 3.6 - most recent ).


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