I like the new library(shinydashboard), but I wonder whether it's possible to arrange several tabs next to each other in the dashboard header - like in the navbarpage layout of the normal shiny library?

It seems impossible to use the navbarlaout within a "dashboardPage" since "navbarPage" is a layout command like "dashboardPage".

Nevertheless, a combination of navbarpage & dashboardPage would be interesting.

From the shinydashboard examples I found (below and others), it looks like different dashboard tabs can only be placed in the sidebar.

Has anyone found a way to add tabs for several dashboards in the "dashboardPage" header?


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    Please check my related answer here. Commented Sep 21, 2023 at 9:37

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Samples here are using the dropdownMenu() function. The type is currently very limited (e.g., can choose icon from libraries font-awesome or glyphicon, but not text), but maybe that is enough customization to make this useful for your application?

  • Thanks, Nicole, but I mean specifically the header of the Navbarpage. You can see a picture of it in the middle of the page here. All the tabs are always there, so you don't have to hover over a drop-down menu first to see the options. stackoverflow.com/questions/22429601/r-shiny-navbarmenu
    – TinaW
    Commented Mar 13, 2015 at 9:06

So I've been adding tabs to my top header by adding them as links within html

  • tags. I appreciate this isn't quite the same thing as having tabs, because the links are hosted on different urls, but in my case that's the whole reason I need the additional tabs and can't just use navbarPage e.g.:

            title = "Your Page Title",
                strong("Tab Title"),
                height = 30, 
                href = "www.google.com"
                title = "",
                target = "_blank"
             class = "dropdown"

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