I checked all the relevant permissions to groups of users do not have any problem, why is wrong?

PHP-fpm users and user groups is nginx Nginx users and user groups is nginx WP-content user group is the highest of all permissions


Try this.

  1. go to www.your-domain.com/your-wp-dir/wp-admin/options.php
  2. find option uploads_use_yearmonth_folders
  3. set value to 1

This issue is related to paths

Go to DASHBOARD > MISCELLANEOUS > UPLOADING FILES and check the path to see if it is correct


in wp-admin/options.php
and verify that upload_path is correct may be this one helps


This type of issue basically they are just clone or transferred to a new domain name or some other locations, so their media settings in uploading files were affected.

Here's my solution for this: On your WP Dashboard go-to Settings then Media and check your Uploading Files then look for this section "Store uploads in this folder", mostly this will be affected if you just clone the old domain to a new domain-name, change the path where your domain-name is located. You can check this using Cpanel then using File Manager, if you are familiar using this then you know what i'm saying :)

Please see screenshot below for more details regarding to Media Settings in Wordpress.

Media Settings -screenshot-


well i had writen tutorial to relosve this issue ... might be helpful to you....

Unable to Upload Files in WordPress After Moving to Another Server?

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